Get To Know - Klaus Kinateder, General Manager of Tank Stream Hotel in Sydney

Get to know the head of each St Giles' hotel in our #StGilesGM series! Take a peek into a typical day as they set the tone for your St Giles Experience and get their tips on the best way to discover each #StGilesCity. This week, we catch up with Klaus Kinateder, General Manager of Tank Stream - A St Giles Hotel in Sydney.

Take Us Through a Typical Day at Work for You

A typical day for me starts at around 5.30am as I live on the South Coast approx. 1.5 hours from the hotel. I catch the train to work and this gives me a great start to the day. I check and respond to emails, review the hotel's performance from the previous day and look at what's installed for when I get to work.

Once I arrive, I head straight to the lobby and our restaurant, Le Petit Flot. Meeting and getting to know our guests are very important parts of my job as I aim to connect with each to extend personalized service. When our staff see the General Manager helping guests then they are inspired to do so as well. I have always lead by example and always will.

After this I will always visit each department to see how the team is, ensuring they have the resources needed for the day. Our staff is as important as our guests, and I aim to spend quality time with each and letting them know that we respect, trust, and value them as this does makes a difference to their day.

Then it is back to the office to look at occupancy forecasts for the next three months, identifying areas for improvement, and setting our pricing and marketing strategies.

Tell Us One Thing About The Tank Stream Hotel Most Guests May Not Know

The majority of guests don’t know why the hotel is named the Tank Stream. It is named after the fresh water stream that was the reason for Sydney’s location. Captain Arthur Phillip decided to build the new town here because of the presence of this fresh water source. The hotel is built above the Tank Stream, which is reflected in the distinct architecture that captures the wavelike form of the original stream and the harbour it flows into.

When at Work, What Makes you Smile

Everything makes me smile…Again, the General Manager has to set the theme for the operation and always smiling is part of that. A smile is infectious…like the old saying smile and the whole world smiles with you!!!

And What Quickly Turns that Smile Into a Frown

Not a lot…I always try to stay positive. When things go wrong you just have to pick yourself up and stay positive.

The One Guest You Will Never Forget

It would be a group of Guests…When the movie “SIRENS” was being filmed the entire cast and crew stayed at the hotel that I was working, Elle McPherson, Hugh Grant to name a few…It was great to interact with them daily and see them as ordinary people and not as super models or movie stars.

When Not at Work, We Can Find You

As I mentioned earlier, I live on the South Coast….I love fishing and living on the coast. When I have time I enjoy taking the boat out. My wife calls it the most expensive garden ornament!

Your Dream Vacation (or Most Memorable Vacation)

Any time that I spend with my wife and family is memorable. Even though I have worked in hotels and resorts for the better part of my life, I don’t like staying in them for long periods of time as I have been a resident manager before and lived on site.

Your Recommended Top 3 Things to Do in Sydney

First on the list is to have dinner at The Le Petit Flot! Yes it’s our restaurant but the food is fantastic and the design and atmosphere is great. It’s casual French dining with a Japanese influence.

Picnic in the Botanical Gardens is always something that I recommend, it is a fantastic space to explore and has great views of the harbour including the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge!

Lastly, the Hidden Lane Way and Tank Stream tour. It’s always great to learn about a city’s history and Sydney’s history is amazing. The tour guides are very knowledgeable and you will go away knowing Sydney is more than just a harbour bridge, stunning harbour and an opera house.

The Tank Stream Hotel is Sydney’s newest international hotel located in the heart of Sydney’s central business district, just minutes away from Martin Place, Circular Quay, Sydney Opera House and Barangaroo. Being Sydney’s newest hotel, the Tank Stream boasts the city’s most contemporary facilities and services and offers an ‘all inclusive’ rate concept that provides complimentary wifi, in-room movies, minibar soft drinks and N’Espresso coffee. For more information, please visit

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