Finding Art in Unexpected and Expected Places in Makati

Makati – a city of skyscrapers, expansive malls, shops and restaurants is also home to creative spots where art has found its way to urban dwellers’ fast-paced life.

Street Art

Amidst the sprawling shopping centers and towering office buildings are empty spaces that are now giant canvases. A welcome breather for busy professionals - these imaginative and thought-provoking pieces enliven the steels and concretes in the city.

The underpasses along Ayala Avenue, one of the main thoroughfares in the financial district, make your walks to and from the office delightful. The walls and ceilings are adorned with colorful paintings that are easy to the eyes.

If you think carpark buildings and pedestrian walkways are all but dull, boring and nothing-much-to-see structures, then head to Dela Rosa Street where art has come alive. Colors are wonderfully splashed against the ceilings and walls with catchy and fun statements, inspiring busy professionals to enjoy a work-life balance.

This structure in Legaspi village in Makati is also the country’s longest elevated pedestrian walkway. Do not forget to look up when you happen to pass by. There are a lot of interesting images to see and encouraging words to uplift your day. And did I mention that these murals make perfect backdrop for your photos. So snap away!

Makati's Museums

Makati is also home to several art galleries and museums which lets you take a peek into the art scene in the country.

Ayala Museum, found at the center of Makati business district which is also along the Dela Rosa walkway, is a haven of historical and archaeological artifacts. You will get to explore the rich cultural heritage, ancestry and craftsmanship in the Philippines. Another museum that can be found at the business district is the Yuchengco Museum. Located along Ayala Avenue corner Gil Puyat Avenue, the museum lets you marvel at some works of the country’s greatest painters. Time travel to the past and learn about the milestones and defining moments in Philippine history. A visit to this museum is a sheer delight for history buffs or even to those who are just plain curious.

Art Fair Philippines

Can’t get enough of art? Then be sure to visit Makati around February for Art Fair Philippines, an annual week-long fair where the best in modern and contemporary in Philippine visual art are on display. It makes art within reach to design enthusiasts and a great avenue to spark interest on local art scene. Aside from showcasing works from local artists, the fair also exhibits some pieces from foreign artists. Get your creative juices flowing as you bask in imaginative, fascinating and at times whimsical works that would tickle your brain and touch your emotional chord. Make your art escapade more personal by approaching the artists and curators to learn the stories behind the pieces. So don’t be shy and come up to them. A question or two would do no harm. Brush up on your art knowledge as books and crafts supplies are also available. Perhaps, it’s now time to splash some colors on that blank canvas and let your hands do the storytelling. For more creative inspiration, head to Makati and experience the city!

Criselda Romero is the Communication and Marketing Officer at St Giles Makati- A St Giles Hotel. When not captivated by a book or a TV series, she can be found at the gym BUT she won't let it get in the way of a karaoke session or dinner, which she believes is best enjoyed with great company, great conversation, fried chicken and a lot of rice!

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